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We apply our energies toward your goals with our big data analytics Data Vault implementations.

Data Analytics Solutions

Big data analytic solutions are software development efforts. They require a team committed to delivering business value based upon the enterprise’s shared vision and the skills necessary to make that vision a reality.


DataRebels has the technical depth and breadth to steer your technical and analytics team in building the roadmap you need to successfully navigate the ever-changing big data analytics waters. We help your team work with intention and authority to craft an appropriate data analytics vision that aligns with your business; and to execute collaboratively within your given infrastructure to fashion and implement solutions that deliver business value from your data analytics environment.

Engineering Consultation

DataRebels understands the three critical factors in every data analytics program—people, process, and technology. You need a solution that embraces all three and provides your team with comprehensive guidance in understanding the costs, benefits, and risks of various data warehousing designs. We equip and coach your team in setting and meeting achievable goals utilizing iterative, continuous delivery approaches; and we support them throughout your implementation.

Authorized Instruction

Our certified Data Vault 2.0 training and instruction is designed to keep the odds of success in your favor. As a srategic partner, DataRebels works closely with Daniel Linstedt, the inventor and owner of the Data Vault 2.0 System of Business Intelligence. We are authorized to teach your data engineering, technical, and analytics teams to be self-sufficient when it comes to their DV2 solutions. Your team will learn the why, what, and how of properly implementing your data analytics solution to ensure your solution’s continued success long after DataRebels has stepped aside.


DataRebels offers private and public Data Vault 2.0 Certification Boot Camps (CDVP2), including the
certification exam, if desired. These three-day, intensive training courses prepare your team to envision,
embrace, and execute your Data Vault-based big data analytics implementation.

A data warehouse is a subject-oriented, integrated (by business key), time-variant  and non-volatile collection of data in support of management’s decision-making process, and/or in support of auditability as a system-of-record.

Bill Inmon, The Father of Data Warehousing

Data Vault 2.0 — Data Engineering Magic!

What is Data Vault 2.0?

A System of Business Intelligence containing the necessary components needed to accomplish the enterprise
vision in Data Warehousing/Big Data and Information Delivery.

The DV 2.0 solution is a methodology, NOT a framework.

A methodology employs a defined set of rules,
methods, tests, activities, deliverables, and
processes that serve to solve a specific problem;
methodologies articulate the “how to” guidelines
by not only defining what is to be done
but exactly how to do it.



A framework is intended to provide structure and
direction toward a preferred approach without being
detailed or rigid, in other words, to provide guidance
that allows the flexibility to customize an approach
for individual organizations.

Want to Future-Proof Your Big Data
Analytics Solution?

Architected for the future: This is what makes the Data Vault 2.0 approach so
different. It incorporates People, Process, and Technology taking into account everything from requirements to delivery to the end-user. Rather than singly focusing on the technical aspects of your data warehouse, DV2 maintains a  holistic optic of your business which is why it is called a “Complete System of Business Intelligence”.

DV2 borrows from sound, foundational engineering practices such as
Six Sigma, CMMI, TQM, PMP, and Agile. It integrates various techniques,
such as cycle time reduction that uses business-defined Key Process
Indicators (KPIs) linked to the business’s Key Process Areas (KPAs) to drive
your implementation toward optimization and realize true business value.
For more information on the Data Vault 2.0 solution as well as its owner and
inventor, Daniel Linstedt, we encourage you to visit

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